Matcha Essentials Set: Matcha powder 60g + bamboo whisk

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Save with this pack "Matcha Essentials Set", including your Refill pouch of Hakuna Matchacha of 60g (supply for 2 months) and your Hakuna Matchacha bamboo whisk. 

Hakuna Matchacha Bamboo whisk :

Unlike a standard metal whisk, our bamboo whisk will actually froth your matcha. The prongs in the bamboo whisks helps suspend and separate the matcha quickly, without any clumping. Also, matcha never fully dissolves.

The bonus: It won't scratch the bottom of your bowl unlike a metal whisk.

Refill pouch 60g :

You already got Hakuna Matchacha's can and you want a refill ? We got you ! 60 g of Hakuna Matchacha in this pouch.

Two months supply.

Our ceremonial grade matcha comes from Kyoto in Japan. It's not just an usual matcha, our matcha received Grand Gold Award at the 11th International Institute of Tea Science and Culture in Japan. 🇯🇵

Feel the difference with Hakuna Matchacha !

Hakuna Matchacha is renowned for its numerous health benefits !

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